About Us



The Plano West Royales are a drill team of up to 75 young women who are juniors or seniors attending Plano West Senior High School in Plano, Texas. In the Fall, the Royales perform during half time at all the football games and pep rallies with music support from the Plano West Band. In the Spring, the Royales attend competitions and perform for 3 nights in their Spring Show. Royales travel to New York City every other year to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Royales also perform every other year at Disney in Orlando, Florida. Throughout the school year, the Royales perform as needed at other school functions to enhance school spirit and provide community service, including teaching young girls to dance. The Royales is an exciting organization that requires a year-round commitment and provides lasting skills and friendships for life.


Mission Statement for the Royales


We, the Plano West Royales, are a team striving for excellence within our community, both as a team and individuals. We understand that our responsibilities as Royales extend beyond performing, into every aspect of our lives. For we are not only role models to those who aspire to one day fill our shoes, we are the pride of our family, our school, and our community.